Monday, September 24, 2007

Contempt contempt of court


It is alarming to see that in a democaratic country like India the Courts are immune to any allegations and any proceedings questioning their attitudes. One Billion population of this country has a right to know what is truth and that is why they approach the courts everytime they find the other two pillars of the State are not fulfilling their duties. Now, where can they go? personally I don't know what Mid Day times published on Justice Y K Sabharwal. I did not get the chance to read it. it would be the same case with the majority of the population in this country. what they understand today is that 'The courts are corrupt in this country' not becuase of Mid Day Times report but becuase of the verdict given by the Delhi High Court. They could have intiated an enquiry into the whole episode before coming out with Contempt Procedings against the journalists involved. Unfortunately all the media colleagues found to be taken a safe side by publishing the court order in their inside pages and not keeping them in the headlines.
Press is qualified as the fourt pillar of the democracy. Though we have many disagreements with Indian press in the recent times especially on the way they handle certain issues, we cannot overlook the fact that they play a vibrant role in Indian democarcy. By proceding against a press report without verifying the veracity of the same, the court has overlooked its own fundamental foundations on which it has been bulit upon

Friday, September 21, 2007

Private Bus transport in Kerala

Privataisation of the routes in Kerala has been a phenominal at least in the Central Kerala many decades ago. It helped to connect even the remotest of areas and improve the transportation facilities. Though the whole Kerala could not witness that change due to the vested interests in the policy making, Kochi and nearby districts received support from the local mass on this matter.

In the recent times, road accidents in Kerala involving Private buses raised the issue of limiting the permits for the prvate buses in Kerala. I totally disagree with this move. Reasons are given below;

1. there is no propotionate improvements in infrastructure with respect to the increase in vehicles.
2. how many of us willing to give road side land for widening of the road?
3. How many of us prefer KSRTC buses to private buses?
4. what are the reasons if we prefer private buses?
5. how many of our concerned about the accidents caused by KSRTC buses too?

if the speed is the factor for the accidents to happen, what may be the reasons for such a situation?

How can we make the drivers and owners of the Private buses responsible for the safety of the passangers travelling without invoking the traditional methods adopted by the Government?

there are many options but not by limiting the permits issued and thus limiting the options of passengers.....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Media in Kerala

I was getting back to Kerala after two week's South India tour. The moment I landed in Cochin airport, what i noticed was the news in TV screen there. Another news of corruption in the God's own country. this time it is connected to the helipad construction for PMs visit to trivandrum. next day when i looked at the news columns, i was shocked to read the resignation of Chief Secretary of the state on this scandal. She insisted her resignation to CM saying that she was innocent in the whole issue. Whatever be the truth, news papers and media channels in Kerala has another busy time with ever growing public dissent on the corruption and bribe in this part of the world. stories after stories of different versions are available in different media these days. but they seem to start loosing their path on this issues as the same in the past.

How many we have read like this in the past one year? I don't where to start. But I remember the major one's like tantri and mantri ones and minister involved in the indecent act. Not to forget the bullets found out in the baggage of the state secretary of the ruling party. If it was mathrubhoomi at the top of the rating for a few weeks, Deshbhimani and Kairali did not lose in time to compete for the higher position. Remember all these happened when we had the crisis situations like Chiken Gunea and monsoon floods......

who bothers about all these issues when the masala ingredient has turned to be a basic requirement in the entertainment that is news in Kerala. what can we do? shall we pass on one news to another news? Personally when I watch Malayalam television news, i am quite often dismayed many a times as it conveys lot of cynicism and pessimism to the viewers. Let us hope things will improve when this political struggle for the power get stabilised and the voter becomes literate on this political vandalism