Friday, October 26, 2007

School Education in Kerala

Kerala has manifested the private - public partnership in education way back in 1957 itslef. today 70 per cent of the schools are managed by private parties. The reason for the high literacy is highly attributed to the present sytem in Kerala. After this present Government came into the power, there is a turmoil in the education sector. if the higher education is in a mess, so as the case with the school education too. The ministry has taken a stand which is highly obejectionable and much self defeating; they don't allow any more private schools in the state. The reason given is it will affect the functioning of the Government schools. It is a direct challenge to the parents and the students. Moreover, it is a denigrating stand on the successful formula which his predecssors set rolling in 1957. The aversion is existing there in the case of CBSE, ICSE schools too. The matter of the fact that the education sector is under the strong grip of Teachers unions. The union exists mostly in government schools. Who is losing in this ideology driven battle; it is not the stundents or students. It is Kerala as a whole which is yet to make a mark in the Knowledge power house within the state is the victim of these decisions.
I wonder where the students of the Government school teachers and these politicians study? it is like politicians go abroad for their medical treatment while poor people have to sleep in the courty yards of the most dirty planes of Kerala, the Government hospitals. The school education lays the seedlink for the generation to come. if it is vitiated challenging an exisiting model and proven system, it is really a matter of concern.