Friday, September 21, 2007

Private Bus transport in Kerala

Privataisation of the routes in Kerala has been a phenominal at least in the Central Kerala many decades ago. It helped to connect even the remotest of areas and improve the transportation facilities. Though the whole Kerala could not witness that change due to the vested interests in the policy making, Kochi and nearby districts received support from the local mass on this matter.

In the recent times, road accidents in Kerala involving Private buses raised the issue of limiting the permits for the prvate buses in Kerala. I totally disagree with this move. Reasons are given below;

1. there is no propotionate improvements in infrastructure with respect to the increase in vehicles.
2. how many of us willing to give road side land for widening of the road?
3. How many of us prefer KSRTC buses to private buses?
4. what are the reasons if we prefer private buses?
5. how many of our concerned about the accidents caused by KSRTC buses too?

if the speed is the factor for the accidents to happen, what may be the reasons for such a situation?

How can we make the drivers and owners of the Private buses responsible for the safety of the passangers travelling without invoking the traditional methods adopted by the Government?

there are many options but not by limiting the permits issued and thus limiting the options of passengers.....

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