Monday, September 24, 2007

Contempt contempt of court


It is alarming to see that in a democaratic country like India the Courts are immune to any allegations and any proceedings questioning their attitudes. One Billion population of this country has a right to know what is truth and that is why they approach the courts everytime they find the other two pillars of the State are not fulfilling their duties. Now, where can they go? personally I don't know what Mid Day times published on Justice Y K Sabharwal. I did not get the chance to read it. it would be the same case with the majority of the population in this country. what they understand today is that 'The courts are corrupt in this country' not becuase of Mid Day Times report but becuase of the verdict given by the Delhi High Court. They could have intiated an enquiry into the whole episode before coming out with Contempt Procedings against the journalists involved. Unfortunately all the media colleagues found to be taken a safe side by publishing the court order in their inside pages and not keeping them in the headlines.
Press is qualified as the fourt pillar of the democracy. Though we have many disagreements with Indian press in the recent times especially on the way they handle certain issues, we cannot overlook the fact that they play a vibrant role in Indian democarcy. By proceding against a press report without verifying the veracity of the same, the court has overlooked its own fundamental foundations on which it has been bulit upon

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Kim said...

Ideally as you say the judiciary should be the custodians of the law. In recent times they have been critical of the methods used by the media to expose the truth. But it is ironic that the reverse can not be practically true i.e. how to we ensure that the decisions metted out by our judiciary do not step out of bounds. But in India, questioning the judiciary is like questioning a teacher in a school classroom - it is just not done!

So, Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodies? Tu et ego. Which is Latin for "But who is watching the watchers? You and I."