Saturday, November 12, 2011

Santhosh Pandit and Hippocratic Malayali

By D. Dhanuraj

I am surprised by the way media, public and critics approached Santhosh Pandit's 'Krishananum Radheyum'. Many say, it is not a film but a musical album whereas some others say that it is comedy show. whatever it is, as per the Censor Board certification, it is a movie with a 'U' certificate. media reports that theaters are packed for this movie and has already generated surplus revenue for the director. now comes the question many ask these days; Is this movie making a history in Malayalam film industry??

I don't consider nor make any comment as it is the audience and applause that one craft gets in its wider platform that make an art live for ages. in this case, let it be decided by the society and art connoisseurs. But I don't understand why everyone is passing teasing comments on Santhosh Pandit. The debate how good the film is that what  i appreciate but he cannot be called as criminal by anyone for such an enterprise. In Malayalam there are 70 to 75 films are released every year. I don't think we know each and every film for that matter. so why dont we leave this film into the bracket if we don't like it?

it is interesting to learn that the movie and its parts are available free of cost on social media. how many other directors have done it in the past? if you go to a book stall, we get books written by Thankshi to MT to local writer. how many of us have complained about such a disparage? if we don't like those writings of inferior quality, we don't subscribe to them; it is a personal choice. here also, it is a personal choice to watch the movie. same is the case with any music show attended by legends like Yesudas and Chitra in comparison with  local troupes. if the outcry is from the organisations like AMMA et al, I am not sure how do they have the privilege of becoming apostles of Malayalam movie industry.

21st century has inaugurated many unconventional media fronts to all of us.lets accept it. he used one of those platforms and nothing else. This film has not been imposed on anyone.  In a way, he is smart and innovative to convey a strong message to all of us on how bad the films are made in the industry. In the days to come, I am sure many more changes and shocks will be in Malayalam film industry. Monopoly of the associations will be challenged. what we need ti s the freedom for creativity and expression. it cannot be bonded to the politically affiliated trade unions and academies. One is free to watch and criticize it. But he should not be made joker by all of us as I think, in that case we are better cases to fit as jokers.

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Arjun Sreedharan said...

"In the film industry, A film maker will get the attention they deserve and only what they deserve" - adapted from Alexis de Tocquville's.