Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Thoughts on Universities in Kerala

by D. Dhanuraj

Whenever I travel outside Kerala, I have noticed that others look at Malayalees with lot of admiration for the simple reason that Kerala ranks very high in literacy rate. When i meet my friends there, I complain about the lack of quality of education in Kerala. Then, they are again astonished; how come it is possible for a high literacy rate. I do have to go for hours to share the experience and explain the reasons. Yesterday, I met a friend of mine and we were discussing the quality of university education in India. It is considered that quality of higher education in Kerala is very poor. Reasons are many that include the lack of professional management of universities as they are politically managed than professionally. Political bosses believe that universities are to centres for politicking. Syllabus is obsolete or woven with intricate political ideologies most of the times. Teachers unions dictate the daily functioning where as syndicate is stuffed with the representatives of political class. List is a long one. But what my friend asked me is the most twisting element of the whole saga of universities; most of the universities for the most of courses in Kerala send the course degree certificate to the student only after one year of the completion of the students. He was citing that many court cases are there in connection with these bizarre happenings. Even then, the situation has not been improved. Many times, many students lose one year because of this irresponsible behaviour from the university.  He asks me; “what is the solution?”

I was wondering if the same act has been from NIITs or IIPMs or any private provider. I am sure they would have been assaulted by this time and would have lit pyre for their innings in Kerala. Youth wing of political parties would have man handles the oblivious staff for the same reason. If so, why is it not happening with universities?

Answer is: Kerala’s mindset has to be reoriented.

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