Friday, May 07, 2010

Random thoughts from Mumbai


I was reading about life and its philosophy today morning. I wonder how beautiful this life is! (I am not the first person to say this J)What we do, what we learn, perceptions and imaginations........... a lot. Sometimes one may feel that this is a holistic nocturnal journey one is having on the earth. I happened to read about a person in Cochin who did a PhD about life before birth. It seems that he could say about what we were doing in the previous lives (if someone believes in it !). The perception about life varies from religion to religion but classics in every language and continent are same in the sense that they adore the beauty of life. Emotions and feelings at different ages are in sync with the evolution of the human race of different times. War and peace are images of the ugly and the beauty of life. Sometimes I wonder what makes a human being to get closer another fellow being. What prompts it to happen? Theories say there are many reasons; some may agree and sometimes, they come out with revelations. Some are blessed with the presence of so many around while some others are weary of their presence. Life turns an ugly turn when someone feels alone on this populous earth. What a nightmare it might be for them!! why so happens? Are they relativistic or realities? Life is moving fast for everyone. Systems and process have undergone virulent changes over the years. One has to think about the philosophy of Hartals when someone breaks into the privacy of another person. Privacy is not the same as what Gandhi thought in 1927. Your privacy ends up with some social networking websites today where you have a conflict within by posting a pseudo picture in your own gallery. Passenger next to you may not identify you but your tweets may be familiar to them. You post about meetings and relationships and then you register a case with the police alleging hacking by the intruders to your privacy. Over the centuries, many discussed about the three layers of conscious mind. Today they discuss about images of your social consciousness on social networks; whether it is about your night life or flamboyant life styles; the world is becoming flat nevertheless the concept of identity is getting lost to oblivion at the same time attacked by the state machinery.

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