Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Indian Standards

I have been working on a transport project for some time. During the visits to Government offices, I asked them about the standards prescribed by Government in cases of road construction, pedestrian sidewalks, pedestrian crossway's etc. Everyone gave me the usual answer; it will be available in the other office. when i repeat the same question in the next office, they would also have some other offices to enquire. After three months, i realized that there is no standard available in these offices. Some one referred to Indian Road Congress website. Unfortunately, their website reflects how chaotic our transport system is; we may need to put up signal system there also to search for the paths we need to take to search for the document. Some one suggested Bureau of Indian Standards. When i went to their website, i could not digest the value of existence of such an organization in India.

Later, I downloaded many standards from other websites. But there has not been any Indian website i could search for the Indian Standards. Probably, all of them would have thought about the essence of such a information system when India is on the way to Integrate herself with the rest of the world!!!!!!!!

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