Saturday, March 01, 2008

Harthal for wholesale marketing

Kerala has witnessed one Harthal and a few local protests in this month itself. Sometimes it is felt that the state known for its welfare policies is very much in tune with the holidays packages to the employees of public sector enterprsies by accomdating hartal calls. The Popular wiki article shows the word Harthal has a Gujrati origin ( The economics of the Harthal is not only the accumlataed loss of money on that day but has also given the birth to interesting websites like Economic survey at the national level reflects on the number of lock outs and the number of man days lost in last year in India as a result of strikes and Lock outs( Some other studies show that there are 80 Shutdowns in 18 in last four months ( If some one is interested to simulate Harthals, here comes the model ( finally, these are the reasons for Harthals (, my dear non - Malayalee freinds)

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