Sunday, November 04, 2007

What can Police do in T Nagar?

I was on the way to Anna Nagar this evening. I was waiting for a bus in T Nagar area. These days I prefer to commute in share autos as it is fast and also convenient to me. It was around 9.30 p.m. There are frequent share autos from T Nagar area to Anna Nagar. The charges are fixed in share autos in Chennai unlike the regular ones. When a share auto came to my side, I boarded it. I was the first passenger to board it. I was sitting near to the driver as he was waiting for more passengers. All of a sudden, a police man appeared in the scene; “where are you going?” he asked the driver. “Anna Nagar”, the driver replied. Then the police man came near to the door where I was sitting and showed his palm to the driver with a meaning to it. I could not understand for a moment what is happening. The driver immediately, gave Rs 10 to the policeman. The police man disappeared in the crowd. It generated much curiosity in me. I asked the driver as he started the drive from T Nagar area. By that time the auto was full of passengers. He told; “it is mamul (bribe) that each auto driver pays everyday to the Police; Rs 10 per day. Though there are permits for these share autos, the police have to get money everyday. Otherwise, one or another reason they will not allow us to drive the auto”. My curiosity increased. “How many autos are commuting from T Nagar area?”; I asked. I understood there are more than 300 share autos serving the passengers in T Nagar area. If that is the case, what is the Police share; yes it is a simple arithmetic; Rs 3000 per day and around Rs 1 lakhs per month. Yesterday I was wondering what can the President do to the citizens, today I learnt this is what our Police force can do for the poor people.

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