Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Traffic in cochin city

Another Bumpy ride in Cochin city. I was alarmed at the ratio in whcih the private vehicles increase in the city. The reason I find is: No one believes in the Public Transport. In fact by driving their own vehiclesto city, they are also adding to the problem. There is no space in city to accomodate all the vehicles. In the morning and evening, it takes mimmum half an hour to cross one Kilo meter. The city tries to attract investment and the Government claims also by acknowledging the Dubai internet city's upcoming investment 'SMART CITY'. But the exisitng city cannot be smart without solving the traffic issue. the adminstration has some how resolved to the point that there cannot be any Fly overs, metro rails or sky buses in city. This may be the only city in India having more that one million population, without any traffic improvement systems. No wonder, citizens migrate to the other parts of the world. There is cynisism in everyone's mind.
The roads are nightmares to any driver.The pot holes and the gutters results in lose of lives everyday. In a previous article I had written that this is the state sponsored terrorism. The other day, the Kerala Chamber of Coommerce which is head quartered in Cochin mooted the idea of maintaining the city roads by Chamber. They will spend required money and give gurantee to the people and to the Government for the work they have undertaken. If any pot holes appear in the road, political parties can call for a Hartal against the vandalism and misappropriation of the funds by the Chamber!!!! One more step ahead, we can ask the Chamber to post the sign Board at the beginning of the road advertising the contractors' name and his telephone number. We can ask the Chamber to publicise suo moto their deals in the road repair. We can demand all these and the Chamber is ready to undertake all these difficult tasks at least those in the eyes of the Government. But what was the Government reply???
Government said they are not keen to give the works to Chamber, this time it is not beacuse of the fear of loss of jobs in PWD department but some thing trivial to these kinds of suggestions; they will lose money......

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