Tuesday, November 06, 2007

JNNURM and Cochin Coperation

I was wondering the other day reading the JNNURM status report in Cochin. The Coperation has been so murky in their stand in their dealings with JNNURM so far. This is the same Coperation dealt with ADB an Administrative Staff College on various projects including the double entry sytem for accounts. They are supposed to learn and improve their auditing system by now. But under JNNURM, Cochin coperation seems to be in the loggerheads on accounts part. Many times, what wonders me is the attitude and the way the Coperation deals with this situation. I am not sure they know their assests and values in the city. If they do not know, at least the citizens have the right to know it. May be we can ask for their assessment on their properties and send thema message that we are watchful in these areas and let them understand they cannot fool everyone everytime.

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