Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kochi - traffic blocks................. never ending

this is a sad commentary on the affairs in the city of cochin. City is notorious for the traffic blocks. there is no proper traffic system in the city. All the traffic signals, which of course is a obsolete in the traffic map, are famous for its 15 seconds green pasture. My personal experience outside taught me a lesson that the green light shall be on for at least 90 seconds to clear one end of the road before the signal switches over to the other ends. here in cochin, each time when the green signal is on, it provides only max 15 to 20 seconds for the vehicles to cross the eventually ends up with more traffic blocks and more fuel consumption. science text books in school classes teaches us that any engine accelerates consumes more energy to reach the steady state. Cochin is an apt place to demonstrate this phenomenon.

is there any standard road in cochin or any road can be called as road built for vehicle movement. all the roads are known for death knells and gutters. it slows down the vehicle movement and thus ends in traffic blocks. but who cares? another day when the movement of any high court judge is affected, let us hope there will be an improvement.

calculate the loss of time and most significantly, the loss of lives. if the roads are repaired and widened, how much time we can save. where does the money go allotted for the repairing works of the roads? no one is bothered much. is it because of the cynicism that has become a part of social life of Kerala?


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mythri said...

I am Mythri, a researcher based at Trivandrum working on urban development in Kochi I would like to know more about the work of CPPR. I hope I can visit you.