Sunday, July 01, 2007

Kerala - leading to a disaster?

Recent developments in Kerala lead to many disturbing thoughts in my mind. Each day cannot pass without acknowledging the beaming headlines of corruption and vandalism. To make it worse, in most of these acts the state is involved in one way or another. There seems to be no end to this series of stories appearing everyday. Most of the political party leaders are throwing stones each other on the corrupt practices that they are indulged into and reported by media in order to save their face value. Kerala, having high penetration of media sources, exemplifies how the state is run under the murky dealings of a few individuals. Now onwards, it is accepted in Kerala that even the bribe and corruption are legalised provided that monetary transaction involved in the whole deal is retunred to both parties with market defined interest rates!!!!!!!!!! State sponsors corrupt practices that is rampant in Kerala society.

Other major issue is the increaasig motor accidents in Kerala. Everyday not less than ten individuals lose their lives in the gutters and potholes of Kerala. No one gives value to the life and the significance of time. Traffic blocks are the order of the day. Malayali learns the lessons of patience sitting in the public trnasport. why? State sponsored malpractices in the construction and repairing works of roads and neglignece in the maintenance and support part.

Garbage issue is another one. All the local bodies find it difficult to find place to dump the garbage collection. reason:the lack of vision on the future and negligence. Again state is under threat as a result of state sponsored whmisical attitude of the rulers.

Whethere these developments lead to a situation of total anarchy in the state? can we see a comparison of total collapse of the state as the world witnessed at other parts of the globe one decade back. are we heading to a public audit where the citizens lose their patience and throw away the exisiting systems and believes?

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