Friday, December 08, 2006

Who won the Election?
Another round of elections, whether it is General Elections or By polls, Kerala spends a lot of time watching the Political theatre set for the idiotic warm up games. There is no permanent enemy in Politics; this statement may not have been verified with such an authenticity and vilification nowhere else than in Kerala. This is such a deeply disoriented society in a hyper political atmosphere. Alas, the hope is not lost. The margin of the victory of the present ruling party candidate indicates that voters of Kerala (or at least those in Thiruvambadi) are looking for alternatives and they are highly disappointed with both the political forces in Kerala. They do not find any difference among the political forces in Kerala. In an election where 84% o the voters cast their franchise, the margin of the victory (246 votes) champions the democratic principles enshrined in the constitution but it also reflects the mood of electorate.

Is there any vision statement on the future of this state from any quarters of this political jamboree? Is there any political wisdom on the part of the political leaders formulating the policies concerned to the state? Where should Kerala stand in Education and Health after ten years? What are our priorities with regard to roads and infrastructure? What will be the shape of the Kerala economy after ten years? What are the chances of the upcoming generation?

Are we heading for a dooms day?

Can any of these political party leaders answer these questions with confidence and fluency? Can they dare to speak on the development without touching any political misconstrues? The challenge lies ahead. But who will bell the cat?

Is there any avenue where the politics has not encroached into in Kerala? What is the contribution of these political forces towards over all development of Kerala society in all these years? This is time for social auditing. Is it the Gulf emigrants who contributed more to the overall improvement of the state in the last two decades? Can any political party enlist their achievements and contributions to the general public and be ready for a debate? We don’t want answers in paragraphs but convincing one liner.

Another election may come. Another candidate will win. But how long can this circus be continued?

Now, you tell who won the election in Thiruvambad

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