Thursday, March 23, 2006

Who owns water??
The world water summit is currently held in Mexico. There are contradictory reports on the availability of the clean drinking water in the decades to come. During eighties and ninties, the policy was based on the privatisation of drinking water. By privatising the water resources, it was estimated that the scracity and opertaional probelems can be solved. With the dawn of a new century, there is a rethought on this issue. Many of the private companies had to withdraw from the scene due to various reasons. Even the privatisation is not a solution to the drinking water scarcity. It was found that only with the cooperative movement of local citizens, a viable solution can be found out. In India, the half of the population is still lack the sanitation facilties. But in a socilalistic country like ours, the public enterprises also failed to chnage the situation. Most of the times, the Government dictates the ground water usage. Who gave the rights to the Government to sell the ground water to Coco Cola comapany at Plachimada, Palaghat? You and me own the land, of course; but who has the right to decide on the ground water use in my land???

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