Saturday, December 09, 2006

Islamic Terrorism - a facy word to politicking


This is a comment to the article on ‘
Pakistani terrorism faces manpower crunch; starts new strategy

I denounce the phrase Islamic terrorism. Any reader of this article who happened to be an Islam by birth cannot be mollified by any other pleasing gimmicks by the Government of the day to retain their vote bank when elections are around. How come terrorism can be attributed to one and only single group/ community in this world? LTTE is not an Islamic force nor is Northern Ireland group. In India, there are many small and big organizations that do not have any link with Islam but having pronounced allegiance to Hindu and Christian groups terrorize the state. Then, why Islam only?

There is an increased identification of all the actions of any society or an individual with any of the religion in the recent times. There is a concerted effort also from some quarters to visualize the developments along the restricted and confined bogey of religious fundamentalism. Walking along the streets of Cochin, I wonder why there is an increase in number of women wearing a veil in the last couple of years. Is it because the generation is back into strict edicts of religious texts or because of the reinvigoration religious practices in an insecure world?
The world is becoming more and more open minded and small in terms of connectivity and communication. One should not disparage any other sect or a religion just because one or a small group has committed any wrongs.

How can we say that if 100 odd people terrorize this country, the entire blame should fall on the entire population even at the international standards (100/1000000000 = 0.0000001 or .00001%). If this is the case, then USA is more terrorized as it counts for 1/210 countries in this world = 0.476%. And finally, as a responsible youth, I feel it is my duty to protect and protest but not on terrorist means.

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