Friday, November 02, 2007

What can the President of India do?

I was going to Madras University campus in the morning. The bus was caught up in traffic snarl near Chepauk Stadium. The bus was diverted to another route. Then i came to understand the President in city. Though I read the news in the morning, I never thought about the traffic jam when I set out. I have to get down from the bus since the bus condcutor said the bus would not go to Anna Sqaure, where the university is. I walked down the road in the direction of the University campus. then I approached an auto. when we reached near Kannaki statue, the police again blocked the road. they even blocked the pedestrians. I had to wait for another 30 minutes to move further. Finally i reached the campus more than one hour latre. i completed the work within ten minutes and came out of the campus. then again the police has bloaked the road for the President. i waited there for another 40 minutes so that the convoy of the President passed the street. In the last five years, for the first time, I have seen in Chennai, the ever busy Marina Beach road opposite to the university and Presindency college deserted at the noon time. thank you President for giving me such a serene and beautiful site. the president convoy just passed and the traffic back to normal; I heard a crashing sound, a bike crashed into a car. As the Presindent values her time, everyone in the street is busy with their job and occupancy. They have to amend the time they lost in the traffic jam. they have to rush and this is what the President of India can do, at least for the citizens of the country

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